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30.08 - 04.09.2022
by Berlin

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Tribal journey of soulful embodiment



POWER OF EROS is a unique and extraordinary journey of SACRED SEX-POSITIVITY & INTIMACY.

Based on our work with TEMPLE spaces we had a desire to allow more time for pleasure, relaxation, togetherness & exploration. We have created an exceptional experience for YOU ...


Welcoming you to a beautiful venue in nature, with a sauna, special guest contributions and full on MAGIC! This GATHERING is a fusion between the abundance & variety of a festival and intensity of a retreat.

An invitation to tribal togetherness, juicy eros rituals, wild ecstatic & sensual experiences. Give yourself to the mystery of connections and to your own Soul!

You will be continually invited deeper into surrendering

to the power of presence, pleasure and Eros.

Every day is rich with morning activations, sharings in community and process spaces, transformational & pleasure-inviting workshops, music & dance and Temple Nights!


🔥 Relaxed nervous system in a group of people: dive deep into trust & experience TRIBAL INTIMACY.

🔥 Showing yourself authentically and being seen in emotion-, body- and sex-positive culture.

🔥 Meeting your longings and centering in your YES's and NO's.

🔥 Deep fulfilling intimacy and nourished bodies.

🔥 Unfold your SENSUALLY WILD side.

🔥 Letting go of the pieces which want to be released from your life.

🔥 Loosening, freeing and celebrating in dance & TOGETHERNESS.

🔥 Invoking a powerful vortex for your life be filled with your soul purpose.

🔥 LAKE, SAUNA, NATURE and much much more <3

Do you feel the call? Join us!

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This is for you to get a taste of what and when will happen.

(The schedule is subject to small changes)

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Albert Bitton

Producer & Facilitator

Shamanic | Abundant | Heart


An artist, community manifestor, dreamer, Shamanic medicine practitioner, sex-positive space initiator, producer of transformational events, incurable romantic, a man of many traits...Co-creator of Nature Temple splash & Power of Eros. Albert brings a fusion of his experiences and different social circles in his life to a transmission that weaves both depth and lightness. The sorcerer of the enhanced cacao, creating super ecstatic experience combining plant medicine knowledge with delicious raw cacao. At the end of 2014, he moved to Berlin following his heart, unfolding his spiritual, sexual, and shamanic transformation. Starting in the shadowy S+ and BDSM communities in berlin, growing into the integrated and conscious Sacred Sexuality. His life philosophy is to grow from challenges by meeting them face to face. After several journeys to the Amazon jungle in Peru, he found profound love, choosing love as his way to meet life!

Erotic Mystic.png

Aleksandra Maria Love

Producer & Facilitator

Fire | Nature | Mystic

"I envision a world filled with juicy vibrant sensuous togetherness". You are so Invited into this world! I am a vision-keeper & creatrix of spaces of unashamed connection, intimacy & sacred s_x-positivity. I proudly stand in the purpose of bringing sacredness to matter & Eros. With me you can receive transmissions of permission, wilderness, sensuality, confidence in embodied presence, vibrancy of eros, big heart of Cosmic Mother compassion & soulful living. I'm dedicating my life to healing and transitioning towards the New Culture and ecstatic existence on Earth. I'm also an earthy mother of magical being Noa Gaia. @erotic.mystic


Ananda Amit Angelo

Producer & Facilitator

Clarity | Penetration | Love

Is a sex shaman, leader, coach and a father of three. In his work he supports people’s empowerment, pleasure and ecstatic current by letting go of guilt and shame around sexuality.With 20 years of professional dance, leadership and community building, and 7 years of Tantra experience, leading retreats, sacred temples and one on one sessions.“I have devoted myself to unshame pleasure and sexuality, connect them to the heart, and serve humanity to a paradigm shift of love. I am inviting my brothers and sisters to play freely and walk this earth shining their pleasure and light. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED IN LOVE TO EACH OTHER”. Ananda is also a facilitator at

Special Guest Facilitators
Michael G.jpg

Michael Gibson

Guest Facilitator

Sweetness | Passion | Truth

Is the creator of the Extraordinary Lovers Experience, the Extraordinary LoversCoaching Programs and is a Certified Sex and Happiness Coach. He is a coach, podcast hostand facilitates live and online workshops for couples. Extraordinary Lovers Programs are available through SexTalk radio, YouTube, Patreon, private coaching, self-study online courses, live immersive retreats, and the live streaming platform,!


Laurie Handlers

Guest Facilitator

Happy | Radical | Juicy


Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader. Also she’s been broadcasting the Sex and Happiness podcast for over a decade. As a speaker and facilitator, Laurie has taught transformational workshops since 1978 covering topics such as releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the ageing process, and moving in the unknown. She has produced and starred in three independent award wining films and is the author of Amazon International Bestseller Sex & Happibess:The Tantric Laws of Intimacy (now available on Audible). She is a Lead facilitator for ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and has a passion for Radical Life Extension.


Marta Ozenu

OSHO Meditations

Here | Now | Power


Marta loves music and living her life “here and now” in a conscious way. She is a certified Osho Active Meditation Facilitator and have been through the international supervision process. She facilitate classes and retreats in famous international festivals, retreats, trainings in Thailand, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Sweden. You can also meditate with her during her own retreats “Immersion in truth” and “The power of presence” with Osho Meditations and Zen Coaching. In her daily life she supports others in transformations as a certified “Senior Coach” in the Zen Coaching approach during coaching sessions, workshops also as a teacher of international Zen Coaching training. She is the content director of postgraduate studies at the Academy of Modern Coaching Management at the University of Management in Warsaw. Her life mission is to support and inspire others to discover their POWER and path to joyful peace and harmony.   "Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more. Courage is a love affair with the unknown.” Osho


Yehoo Shalem

Musical Delight

Fusion | Ceremony | Transformation


Most love songs are not about love actually, but about survival. About the fear of losing love, drama, possessiveness, and jealousy. Or about the misconception of the "happily ever after" narrative we learned to hope for by Hollywood culture. But love is a force of nature, and it's beautiful as well as dangerous, just like water or fire. It seeks to expand our hearts to feel more than just our little stories, and open to the big and sacred mystery of life. In his music and texts, Yehoo Shalem is creating a fusion of cultures coming together under the wings of this power of Love. He is inspired by both eastern and western music, ancient and modern sounds, sacred ancient texts and experiences that are designed for personal and collective transformation.


Sylvi Troeger

Dance & Movement

Agility | Vitality | Freedom


Sylvi has been holding groups for more than 25 years and loves to create social containers where people can express and experience the whole spectrum and potential of their being. Love, respect and acceptance have always been the base of her work.

She has been a dancer, teacher, choreographer, body and movement researcher. 

Over the last years, she got inspired by different ideas like Radical Honesty, NVC, Tantra, Systemic Constellation and some concepts in the field of personal development that focus on the wisdom of the body and on healthy relationships to the self and others. 

Today she is a CONSCIOUS CONNECTION COACH and combines all her skills to offer 1:1 Coaching and Bodywork as well as group experiences like CONSCIOUS DATE NIGHTS, TEMPLES and other spaces that focus on a deep and conscious connection to self, others and the world. 

 Sylvi sees herself as a facilitator, inspirer, tool transmitter, assistant, supporter, midwife on the way to self-empowerment, self-love, fulfillment, self-responsibility, transformation, vitality, creativity, pleasure and a happy life.

Thrilled to co-create this magic with you

Getting There



Our beautiful venue in the midst of green fields and just 10min walk away from a lake is located in Biosphere Reservate of Schorfheide-Chorin, north of Berlin. We keep it a secret...

 Getting There 

Preferred arrival is by train from Berlin (train from Gesundbrunnen to Friedrieschwalde bei Eberswalde). Shuttle to the venue from this train station will be provided within your ticket price. More info upon registration. 

One week before we start there will be a Telegram group created for the participants to share rides.

 Accommodation & Food 

 Two options:

  > Indoors: stay in a shared room (4-8 people): 300€/person

> Camping in the forest: bring your own tent: 250€/person

The price includes delicious veg meals 3/day.  

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Soul Gathering 2021_4.png


"I left nourished, much more centred and with a knowing that I'm part of a wonderful family where I am seen, loved and where I can truly be myself".



"I loved the family feeling, the mindfulness of you and the participants, openness of the people, the topics of the workshops and the big sharing circle. I met myself very intensively and grew".



"I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience myself in a safe and yet very juicy and lively space! It's been a great opportunity to grow!!"



"We explored ourselves, together with other curious souls, in the safest way, as slow as we would like, with constant care and support. An important step forward for any brave being".

Soul Gathering 2021_4.png


"Transformation started to happen. For the first time since childhood I woke up with a soft smile on my face. Thank you my friends".



To register get your ticket below

& fill in a Participant Form after your purchase (you will be automatically redirected there).

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To feel connected, nourished & taste Ecstasy is your birthright

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