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power of eros


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journey of soulful embodiment


POWER OF EROS is a unique and extraordinary journey of sacred sex-positivity and intimacy. Brought to you the 4th year round!

Based on almost a decade of our work with TEMPLE spaces we have created an experience full of pleasure, relaxation, togetherness & exploration. We have crafted an exceptional journey for YOU ...

Welcoming you to a beautiful venue in nature close to Berlin, with a sauna, special guest contributions and musicians and full on MAGIC!

This GATHERING is a fusion between the abundance & variety of a festival and intensity and intimacy of a retreat bringing together about 30-50 awesome people.

An invitation for tribal togetherness, juicy eros rituals, wild ecstatic & sensual experiences. Give yourself to the mystery of connections and to your own Soul!​

You will be continually invited deeper into surrendering to the power of presence, pleasure and Eros.

Every day is rich with morning activations, sharings in community and process spaces, transformational & pleasure-inviting workshops, music & dance and Temple Nights!


Do you feel the call? Join us!


🔥 Relaxed nervous system in a group of people: dive deep into trust & experience TRIBAL INTIMACY.

🔥 Showing yourself authentically and being seen in emotion-, body- and sex-positive culture.

🔥 Meeting your longings and centering in your YES's and NO's.

🔥 Deep fulfilling intimacy and nourished bodies.

🔥 Unfold your SENSUALLY WILD side.

🔥 Letting go of the pieces which want to be released from your life.

🔥 Loosening, freeing and celebrating in dance & TOGETHERNESS.

🔥 Invoking a powerful vortex for your life be filled with your soul purpose.

🔥 LAKE, SAUNA, NATURE, LIVE MUSIC and much much more...

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This was our schedule from 2023 - this year's program

will be published in the beginning of august:

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Aleksandra Maria Love Power of Eros

Aleksandra Maria Love

Producer & Facilitator

Fire | Nature | Mystic

"I envision a world filled with juicy vibrant sensuous togetherness". You are so Invited into this world! I am a vision-keeper & creatrix of spaces of unashamed connection, intimacy & sacred s_x-positivity. I proudly stand in the purpose of bringing sacredness to matter & Eros. With me you can receive transmissions of permission, wilderness, sensuality, confidence in embodied presence, vibrancy of eros, big heart of Cosmic Mother compassion & soulful living. I'm dedicating my life to healing and transitioning towards the New Culture and ecstatic existence on Earth. I'm also an earthy mother of magical being Noa Gaia. @erotic.mystic

Albert Bitton Power of Eros

Albert Bitton

Producer & Facilitator

Shamanic | Abundant | Heart


An artist, community manifestor, dreamer, Shamanic medicine practitioner, sex-positive space initiator, producer of transformational events, incurable romantic, a man of many traits...Co-creator of Nature Temple splash & Power of Eros. Albert brings a fusion of his experiences and different social circles in his life to a transmission that weaves both depth and lightness. The sorcerer of the enhanced cacao, creating super ecstatic experience combining plant medicine knowledge with delicious raw cacao. At the end of 2014, he moved to Berlin following his heart, unfolding his spiritual, sexual, and shamanic transformation. Starting in the shadowy S+ and BDSM communities in berlin, growing into the integrated and conscious Sacred Sexuality. His life philosophy is to grow from challenges by meeting them face to face. After several journeys to the Amazon jungle in Peru, he found profound love, choosing love as his way to meet life!

Special Guests & Facilitators
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Musical Delight

To be revealed soon

Heart | Prayer| World


Advaya - Singer - Songwriter ~ World - Traveller.

Soft music straight from the heart, from the waters of emotion.

Weaving words of prayer, of deep longing to come back home, find ease and peace in this crazy experience of being a human on earth.

Profile pics poe 23(1).png



To be revealed soon

Landscape | Water | Surrender


Suava is a highly skilled holistic coach and facilitator who has gained extensive experience hosting workshops across Europe, Central, and South America in recent years. With a passion for integrating various modalities, including coaching, hypnosis, breathwork, bodywork, and parts work, she addresses the limitations and conditioning that her clients face.

Driven by her commitment to empowering individuals, Suava strives to support her clients on multiple levels: mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. By utilizing a comprehensive approach, she aims to facilitate lasting transformations and alignment in her clients' lives. Through her expertise and dedication, Suava creates a safe and transformative space for personal growth and self-discovery.

Thrilled to co-create this magic with you

Getting There



A serene setting at our NEW beautiful venue: Seegut Blaue Blume, Boitzenburger Land, featuring a swimming lake, gardens, saunas, and a beautiful oriental temple space. The enchanted place Blaue Blume with its wild huge garden and its romantic Villa, is located in the middle of nature, not far from a refreshing swimming lake. The people who live there lovingly organize this area into a heart-opening location to sex-positive experiences. On the wide, wild terrain there are many cosy places to take a rest, go to the sauna or go for a walk.

Accommodation is offered in beautiful single or double rooms. Sleeping in a shared dormitory or putting your campervan or tent in the huge garden is also possible.

 Getting There 

Blaue Blume e.V.
Buchenhain 32
17268 Boitzenburger Land/OT Buchenhain

If you wanna arrive by train and shuttle:

The best connection from Berlin to Blaue Blume is from Berlin Hbf. (Hauptbahnhof) to train station Fürstenberg/Havel. It's also possible to arrive at the train stations Templin or Prenzlau.

Fürstenberg/Havel, Templin or Prenzlau have more or less the same distance of 30-35 min to the venue Blaue Blume.


An optional Shuttle from these stations is not included within your ticket price. If you want to be picked up, the ride will be additional 36,00 Euro and is organized in a Signal group..

We will send you a link for the participants to share rides, two weeks before.

More info upon registration.

 Accommodation & Food 

- Tent: €260

- Van/Campervan: €270

- Dorm Bed: €300

- Double Room: €420

- Single Room: €540

Total price covers: 5 days / 4 night of the deep journey experience; yummy veggie & fresh food 3/day (with vegan & gluten-free options); accommodation in a shared room or your own tent; Temple nights with various themes; gong bath; daily sauna session; workshops to process & workshops for pleasure activation, musical experiences, many many yum dances; magical cacao; long luxurious breaks to enjoy nature, lake & each other and beautifully held space with deep love activities.

Note: there is no option to opt out of food unless you are on a very specific diet (in which case please contact us directly).


POE 2022 pic(5).png


Soul Gathering 2021_4.png


"I left nourished, much more centred and with a knowing that I'm part of a wonderful family where I am seen, loved and where I can truly be myself".



"I loved the family feeling, the mindfulness of you and the participants, openness of the people, the topics of the workshops and the big sharing circle. I met myself very intensively and grew".



"I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience myself in a safe and yet very juicy and lively space! It's been a great opportunity to grow!!"



"We explored ourselves, together with other curious souls, in the safest way, as slow as we would like, with constant care and support. An important step forward for any brave being".

Soul Gathering 2021_4.png


"Transformation started to happen. For the first time since childhood I woke up with a soft smile on my face. Thank you my friends".



To register get your ticket below

& fill in a Participant Form after your purchase (you will be automatically redirected there).

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POE 2022 pic(5).png

To feel connected, nourished & taste Ecstasy is your birthright

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