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Register for Splash Vol. 4 here:

General Terms & Conditions:

  • The deposit ticket for the event is non-refundable and non-transferable to other people in any case.

  • If the event is cancelled for any reason from our side, participants are not entitled to reimbursement of any further costs (loss of earnings, travel & accommodation, etc.). Course fees/deposits that have already been paid would be forwarded to future events or reimbursed upon your wish.

  • The ticket booking fee (usually approx. 5 EUR) is non-refundable in any case.

  • Participants must take care of their own insurance coverage (accident, liability, etc. ).

  • The participant remains at the event site at their own risk.

  • During the event, in the application of techniques, demonstrations, and exercises, the participants are aware that and agree to perform these on other participants and themselves at their own risk and responsibility.

  • We reserve a right to make slight changes to the published programs, activities, and number of participants.

  • By filling in the above registration form you agree to be subscribed to our Newsletter (we will only send you max. 1 email / week - usually much less) - if you do not wish to be part of that you can 'unsubscribe' at any point.


Covid Care 

by signing up for this event you agree to the following.

  • I understand that in this work I might be exposed to contact with others and that I need to practice a high level of personal responsibility in order to create the safest possible container for myself and other people in the group.

  • Before arriving at the event, I will make sure I am familiar with the current regulations and I take full responsibility for the choice of joining the event.

  • I agree to take a PCR test 72h before the event and send a digital copy of the test result by email to the organisers before arriving to the event. I understand I will not be allowed into the event without this requirement.

  • After taking the test I will be extra mindful of my interactions with people.

  • I will pay attention to any sickness symptoms 3 days before the event. If I do have symptoms, I will stay home.

  • I will fill in a short symptoms check form before I travel to the venue (this will be sent via email).

  • I agree to have a rapid test taken upon arrival to the venue and have my temperature measured.

  • If I am in a high-risk group I will let the organisers know about it. If I live with anybody at high risk, I will consider what I can do after the event to ensure their safety (e.g. staying a few days in a different location / take another test after the event etc).

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